On book “The positive autoimage” by Jaime Duque Linares

Libro 34 de 2017
Colombian author and speaker Jaime Duque Linares in this work of 2002, comments and echoes that Greek phrase of the temple of Delphi, Seauthon Gnosei, know yourself. The fluid or connected state of consciousness, that modified state of consciousness that we seek so much with different types of experiences, is usually within reach of what we are doing, in daily life, in a sometimes stormy way, sometimes leading as a drop that finally pierces the rock. And in each life that whisper is present, and some listen it more than others. That whisper helps to feel life and to seek and obtain the desired meaning.

While reading some words that one is responsible for choosing what one can think, what one can feel, the image of a beloved program of some years ago, Babylonia 5, with Captain Sinclair came to mind. And the huge Babylon five space station, usually has galactic policy problems with some troublesome neighbors, namely the mimbari. The huge station and its crew depend on the experience, good sense, great intuition, ability to solve complex problems that the deeply human captain Sinclair account. And the nervous system, interestingly works in a similar way. There is a grid, like the magic spiderweb almost unidentifiable, hidden in the intricacies of the brain stem, which turns out to have around one hundred thousand neurons that regulate attention, consciousness, and wakefulness. This is the structure named the ascending activating reticular substance, described by two patients and inquisitive neuroscientists, Giuseppe Moruzzi and Horace Magoun.

The interesting thing and the nature of the paragon of the reticular substance with Captain Sinclair, or with Captain James Kirk, is that she manages a machine if possible, of almost one hundred billion neurons, all the neurons of the cerebral cortex, that magical loom first described bt Sherrington, where are the dreams, the thoughts, the idea of ​​God.

And the ascending reticular activating substance, or reticular substance is like the pilot, responsible for combining and taking advantage of the experience of the other hundred billion neurons, where obviously, are the centers of emotion, which have evolved so long and have made us social beings we are.

And the positive mental attitude is a way if you want, to teach, to educate, to make that particular group of neurons of consciousness, trace flight routes, where the most complex ship in the universe will fly, the human brain , that sympathetic extract of stardust, with a spark of divine intelligence, the spark that can already be sensed in that work of Adam and God.

Stress, the disease of our time, can be managed. With breathing, with input of energy, which makes the neurons can take that quantum leap to reach the modified state of consciousness, where the world is seen from a perspective without perspectives, and we have to repeat it as a mantra, relaxed and calm, relaxed and calm, relaxed and calm, relaxed and calm. Stress becomes paradoxically vitality. And the scars of the past, can be seen as a necessary school to reach that process of becoming the best you can be.

After having made these speculations about science fiction and neuroscience, (sometimes the one has twilight borders one another) the point is that a discipline is possible around the process of learning to learn, which not only serves to learn knowledge in a scholasticist pattern, but help to achieve a positive handling of emotions and instincts. To be emotionally intelligent, it is a goal and a duty, to be able to help to have that better world, which begins with the daily environment and microcosm in which each one lives.


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