Autoconscious mind and consciousness


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The experiences of the autoconscious mind are related to neural activity in the association areas of the brain, with a relative grade of correspondence but not identity. The unity of the conscious experience is based upon the autoconscious mind but not from the complexity of the neuronal wiring/ conexions in the association areas in the cortex. The hypothesis of Karl Popper of the Three Worlds permits to comprehend the reality and the autoconscious mind, trying to solve the perennial quest between body and mind. The concept of cortical modules (paramount for the interactionism or interactionistic dualism) allows the interaction between the autoconscious mind and the brain cortex at the level of cortical modules, which permits to the autoconscious mind to scrutiny continuosly the conformation of the cortical modules, thus allowing a reciprocity between the modules and the autoconscious mind. The autoconscious mind implies the presence of attention as an integrating agent in the raising of conscious experience.

Key words: Autoconscious mind – Three worlds – cortical module – qualia – perennial question


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